Mold release Masterbatches

Get out of the cup!

Mold release Masterbatches facilitate the de-molding of injection molding parts and could speed up injection cycle.

The spontaneously migrating mold release agents arrive at the surface already within the injection process and diminish the sticking of the hot plastic melt respectively the plastic part to the metal walls of the mold. The so built separate layer between metal and polymer matrix reduces the de-molding resistance respectively the adhesive force of the injection molded part to the mold. Thus finished parts – especially with cylindrical geometry or shapes with undercuts – could be de-molded more easier.

Mold release agents belong to the group of slip agents, mostly organic compounds out of the class of polyole esters (acting also as short-term antistatic agents), fatty acid amides, silicones or waxes. By means of specifically selecting the additives, possible influences on the remaining properties of the plastics are reduced to a minimum.

Additional benefits:
The easier gliding of the finished injection molded part, permits to use lower ejection forces and de-mold after shorter cooling time, because due to the minor sticking a deformation during de-nesting is avoided. By means of reducing the cooling time, the total cycle time could be shortened.

Available carrier polymers: PE, PP, PS, PC, PET, PA and UNI-carrier

Combi Masterbatches e.g. with pigments are available as well.

Standard program/individual adjustments: Beside of our standard program we also develop individual adjustments depending on required specification and quantity.

Food contact: Yes, in general without restrictions – please ask for the appropriate documents (product information/food contact approval/declaration of compliance).


microGRANULES enable a dust-free, fast and homogenous incorporation of additives and pigments.

Quality Assurance

Our extensive quality management system guarantees a reliable fulfillment of your requirements.

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