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Compounds (dispersion of additives and other raw materials) and Toll Compounds on customer request

Efficient twin screw extruders with gravimetric dosing systems and side feeders are available for various compounding activities for nearly all polymers – except PVC and high temperature materials.

Due to the special screw geometry and the possibility to make split feed dosing via side feeders the additives, fillers and pigments can be added especially gently into the molten polymer matrix, by this way optimally dispersed Compounds containing additives and / or fillers are produced on customer’s request.

The offer includes the development of a formulation using our know-how in our company to fulfill defined requirements of our customers as well as the possibility to work with supplied raw materials and to incorporate additives according to our proposed formulations.

Also a pure Toll Compounding with a formulation given to us by our customers and provision of all components of the formulation as polymers, additives, fillers, pigments and processing aids is a main emphasis of our range of services.

Flexibility regarding production units:

  • Several twin screw extruders with outputs between 50 kg/h and 1.000 kg/h for order sizes between 1 ton and 100 tons
  • Modular screw design is used to get the optimum dispersion of additives, fillers, pigments in the applied thermoplastics
  • Dosage via premix, split-feed (gravimetric), and even liquid-dosing
  • Versatile possibilities of granulation as strand-cut, under-water, water-ring and dry-cut for water-sensitive additives
  • By now also available as micro-granulate

According to customer request in bags, boxes, big bags, octabins or also in silo-trucks upon consultation.

Quality Assurance

Our extensive quality management system guarantees a reliable fulfillment of your requirements.

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