Antiblock Masterbatches

No Sticking, separate your parts...

As a kind of “spacer” Antiblock Masterbatches avoid the adhesion between separate film layers concerning the unrolling during processing as well as for the usage of the end user, in particular with polyolefines, PET and PA films.

The efficiency of antiblock agents is mainly determined by the amount and the particle size. For selecting the appropriate particle size also possible effects to the optical and mechanical properties have to be considered. For optically high demanding films (e.g. BOPP) synthetic silica are preferred due to their small particle size and narrow particle distribution. For opaque films also natural silica, talc or calcium carbonate (chalk) with greater particle size could be used.

Synthetic antiblock agents could affect the efficiency of additives like e.g. slip agents due to their high specific surface. Talc and calcium carbonate (chalk) by instance could deteriorate the transparency.


Typical applications:

  • Blow and cast films
  • Sealing and food packing films (e.g. sausage casings)
  • Sheet extrusion (incl. thermoforming)
  • Injection molding (in combination with slip agents to optimize de-molding)


Available carrier polymers: PE, PP, EVA, PET and PA

Combi Masterbatches e.g. with slip agents are available as well.

Standard program/
individual adjustments:

Beside of our standard program we also develop individual adjustments depending on required specification and quantity.



Food contact:
Yes, in general without restrictions – please ask for the appropriate documents (product information/food contact approval/declaration of compliance).

Quality Assurance

Our extensive quality management system guarantees a reliable fulfillment of your requirements.

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