UV-Stabilizer Masterbatches

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UV-Stabilizer Masterbatches increase the light stability of thermoplastics. The mechanical and optical properties of plastics are maintained for a longer time even under the influence of intense sun irradiation

Plastics are consisting of long polymer chains. The chemical bonds between the monomeric building blocks of the polymer chains could be split by the high energetic UV-part of the sunlight. So extremely reactive radicals are emerged, which can split other chemical bonds via a chain reaction. This chain reaction leads to a very fast destruction of the plastic scaffold, even without further sun irradiation. Because of the presence of oxygen, water or due to environmental influences, this damaging mechanism, known as photo oxidation, is further intensified.

In the case of butadiene containing polymers like ABS or PS-HI, the impact of the damaging begins with yellowing. In general, the next damaging step occurs as with all other polymers, by the tarnishing of the material and beginning of chalking. Afterwards rips arise, the polymer gets brittle and finally it comes to the full damage of the polymer.

Films lose their transparency and fall apart, plastic parts change their color and the mechanical properties are getting worse. In the end a garden chair out of unprotected plastics collapses under the burden of the user.

The described process of destruction could be hindered effectively. Various active agents can be optimally combined in UV-stabilizer masterbatches and thus protect the polymer material with specially aligned recipes regarding the desired use.

UV-absorbers are filtering the ultraviolet part out of the light. Thereby the energy of the absorbed light is converted in heat. The intensity of the UV-absorption depends on the concentration of the active agent and the wall thickness of the finished product. Principally there is no absolute protection of the plastic surface in this way, but UV-absorbers can protect goods filled in plastic packaging (e.g. food or cosmetics) from UV-light.

HALS-stabilizers (Hindered-Amine-Light-Stabilizers) are prohibiting the reactions of the aggressive photo oxidation products (radicals, peroxides) both on the surface and also in the deeper lying layers. Consequently an optimum protection of the finished product independently from the wall thickness is achieved. Halogen containing flame retardants and acidic media interfere the action of HALS-stabilizers, in these cases a detailed consultation is necessary.

The action of light stabilizers can be supported by the addition of thermo stabilizers like phenols or phosphites to the masterbatches. These antioxidants are protecting both the polymer and the light stabilizers already during processing. Additionally the polymer is protected against possible damages within its life cycle due to heat and oxygen.

By the combination of the mentioned active agents like UV-absorbers and HALS together with thermo stabilizers, and their different action principles, a synergistic effect can be achieved and different damaging mechanisms are controlled simultaneously.

UV-radiation energy and dosage:
The concentration of the active agents in the finished product is determining the lifetime of the product.

Additionally, regarding the dosage it has to be considered, that there are big geographically differences in the annual UV-radiation energy. Those are measured in kLy (kilo Langley) and correspond in Central Europe to approx. 80-100 kLy, in Southern Europe to 100-120 kLy and in dry and sun rich regions (e.g. Arizona/USA) even up to 200 kLy.

Available carrier polymers: PE, PP, PS, PA, PC, PET, POM, UNI-carrier, others if applicable upon request.

Combi Masterbatches e.g. with other additives and pigments are available as well.

Standard program/individual adjustments: Beside of our standard program we also develop individual adjustments depending on required specification and quantity.

Food contact: Predominantly yes, if applicable with restrictions – please ask for the appropriate documents (product information/food contact approval/declaration of compliance).

Quality Assurance

Our extensive quality management system guarantees a reliable fulfillment of your requirements.

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