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Your serious partner in polymer processsing sector for Additive-Masterbatches, Colour-Masterbatches, Compounds and Toll-Compounding.


Colour-Masterbatches for colouring different thermoplastics in injection moulding and partly also in extrusion process.


Antistatic-Masterbatches keep away the electrostatic charges and avoid or reduce the dust attraction, the spark discharge, etc.

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Interesting for the manufacturing of Blowing agent-Masterbatches are the chemical agents which are subdivided to the manufacturing process and the properties of the final product, because of their strong influence.

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microGRANULES enable a dust-free, fast and homogenous incorporation of additives and pigments. Especially for rotomoulding, injection and extrusion there are a lot of advantages.

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Also available with additive combinations like e. g. Antstatic-Masterbatches, Slip agent-Masterbatches, UV-Stabilizer-Masterbatches, Nucleating-Masterbatches, etc.

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Quality Assurance

Our extensive quality management system guarantees a reliable fulfillment of your requirements.

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