Grey Masterbatches

Grey is not the same as grey…

Grey Masterbatches find application for grey-colouring of different thermoplastic polymers in injection molding and extrusion applications. They are also available as Combination- Masterbatches with additives like e.g. antistatic agents, slip agents, UV-stabilizers, nucleating agents etc.

Our Grey Masterbatches comprise a standard range of typical grey tones, which are built up like a modular system. That means, in case of appropriate quantities, the carrier polymer could be changed. Furthermore it is possible – on request – to get Combination- Masterbatches with additives like e.g. UV-stabilizers, slip- and de-molding agents, nucleating agents, antistatic agents etc.

Typical applications:
Injection molding and extrusion applications, e.g. in the branch of
– automotive parts
– bureau/office products
– building and electrical industry
– furniture industry
– packaging industry
– manufacturing of technical parts and housings etc.

Available carrier polymers: PE, PP, PS, PA, UNI-carrier, others if applicable upon request.

Combi Masterbatches e.g. with additive combinations are available as well.

Standard program/individual adjustments: Beside of our standard program we also develop individual adjustments depending on required specification and quantity.

Food contact: Yes, if applicable with restrictions – please ask for the appropriate documents (food contact approval/declaration of compliance).

Quality Assurance

Our extensive quality management system guarantees a reliable fulfillment of your requirements.

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