Black Masterbatches

Black is not the same as black…

Our Black Masterbatches are based on different, premium type carbon black grades, thus covering a broad application area

The compatibility of the masterbatch is largely controlled by the carrier polymer. Different carbon black grades will affect the properties and the application of the masterbatches. Tint strength, color tone, gloss, hiding power, conductivity, processing parameters and not at least the price are properties determined by the carbon black grade. High-quality, fine particle carbon black grades show beside of the coloristic properties additional benefits, e.g. the UV-stability could be improved massively, thus the standard UV-stabilizers could be partly or fully left out.

We distinguish our carbon black grades in SRF-, HAF-, P- and Jet-carbon black. Physically, these are mainly differentiated in particle size, which decreases in the mentioned order, in the same sequence the tint strength increases. So the choice of an apparently “expensive” masterbatch could lead to potential savings, due to the lower dosage.

Product properties depending on the carbon black grade:

  • SRF-carbon black: neutral, medium tint strength
  • HAF-carbon black: brown undertone, high tint strength
  • P-carbon black: brown undertone, high UV-protection
  • Jet-carbon black: blue undertone, deep black, highest tint strength
  • Conductive carbon black: builds up an antistatic or conductive matrix within the plastic article


Available carrier polymers: PE, PP, PS, EVA, PA, UNI-carrier, others if applicable upon request.

Combi Masterbatches e.g. with thermo stabilizers are available as well.

Food contact: predominantly yes, if applicable with restrictions – please ask for the appropriate documents (food contact approval/declaration of compliance).

Quality Assurance

Our extensive quality management system guarantees a reliable fulfillment of your requirements.

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