Antislip Masterbatches

No slipping!

Antislip Masterbatches, due to not dispersed particles, are roughing up the surface of films, to impart anti-skid properties.

The film stays translucent and in this case these regular fish eyes are intended. Our Antislip Masterbatches are based on ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) in PE-LD as carrier polymer and are characterized by their high concentration as well as the associated low dosage.

Typical applications:

  • Heavy duty bags, improving the stacking, avoid the slipping of bag layers against each other and avoid them from slipping off the pallet.
  • Wall-insulating film, avoid slip-off of the mortar.
  • Roof-stretch film, improve the step and work safety during assembly.
  • Painter and covering film, higher step and work safety especially on moistly surface.


Standard program/individual adjustments: Beside of our standard program we also develop individual adjustments depending on required specification and quantity.

Food contact: Yes, if applicable with restrictions – please ask for the appropriate documents (product information/food contact approval/declaration of compliance).

Quality Assurance

Our extensive quality management system guarantees a reliable fulfillment of your requirements.

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