Nucleating agent Masterbatches

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Nucleating agent- and Clarifier-Masterbatches reduce your cycle times and improve the visual and mechanical properties of your polymers and plastic articles

By using nucleating agents the solidification process of a semi-crystalline molten PP, PE, PA ore PET polymer is influenced positively and accelerated.
So e.g. PP solidifies at temperatures clearly below the melting temperature and thereby builds a few, up to 100 µm big crystals, so-called spherolites.
If you add a nucleating agent to the polymer melt, it acts as additional crystallization germs and ensures that the solidification already happens at clearly higher temperatures and forms many, small and uniform spherolites at the same time.

The achievable effect in PP is the greatest. The re-crystallization temperature moves up by 30 °C, so that during an injection molding process a de-molding of the finish parts can be effected clearly earlier and consequently a reduction of the cycle time up to 30 % is possible.
In addition, the finished parts show a clearly higher crystallization, due to the superstructure with many, small spherolites. Again, this fact is shown in the increase of the mechanical strength (E modulus) and heat deflection temperatures as well as in a more consistent shrinkage, and consequently lower warpage.
The chemical resistance and the barrier properties (e. g. unwanted oxygen permeation) are improved as well.

A special group of nucleating agents the so-called clarifiers, ensure the formation of especially homogeneous and microcrystalline structures, so that in case of light transmission through thin finished parts there is practically no light scattering and thereby the transparency and surface gloss, especially of PP, are significantly increased.

Assigned nucleating agent masterbatches or blowing agent masterbatches can be applied for foam nucleation concerning physical foaming.

Optimized additive/carrier polymer combinations are available for: PE, PP, PA, PET

Combi Masterbatches e.g. with additive combinations and/or pigments are available as well.

Standard program/individual adjustments: Beside of our standard program we also develop individual adjustments depending on required specification and quantity. 

Food contact: Yes, if applicable with restrictions – please ask for the appropriate documents (product information/food contact approval/declaration of compliance).

Quality Assurance

Our extensive quality management system guarantees a reliable fulfillment of your requirements.

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