Cleaning Compounds

The ease side of cleanliness...

Cleaning Compounds for fast color or material changes as well as Shut-down Compounds for extrusion lines

Our products are designed, according to the processing temperature, for different polymers:

Temperature range 180°C – 240°C
= Cleaning Compound CORDUBLEND® RCN 6921

Temperature range 240°C – 330°C
= Cleaning Compound CORDUBLEND® HTN 6923

Shut-down Compounds for extrusion lines (PE, PP, EVA)
= CORDUBLEND® EF 6930 or 6931

These products are mixtures of specially inter-balanced masterbatches.

By chemical action, burned lumps of material, rests of pigment and other deposits on the screw, in the barrel or on the blown films heads respectively extrusion nozzles are plasticized and physically rubbed off, adsorbed and pressed out. No abrasive components are enclosed which might damage the machine parts.

The Cleaning Compounds are reacting thermoplastic and can also be injected into the tool (CORDUBLEND® RCN 6921 also through externally heated hot runners). It is not necessary to demount sieves, nozzles etc.

The Shut-down Compounds used for stopping (shut-down) and starting the production line as well as for color and material changes, alongside filler components contain a selected combination of thermo stabilizers and cleaning components.

These active component combinations are used purely at 100 % – means without further merging – and prevent the formation of burned lumps (black specks) during shut-down and start of the production line. Thereby it is possible, to resume the production of e.g. blown and cast film directly, by changing over from the shut-down compound to the polymer or the recipe which are processed afterwards.

Substantial benefits:

  • Saves working time
  • Saves material by intensive, quick cleaning
  • No toxic or abrasive components
  • Recycling ability up to 100 %

Food contact: The masterbatches which are part of the cleaning and shut-down compounds are approved, if applicable with restrictions, for the use in food contact applications.



Quality Assurance

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