Masterbatches and Compounds for polymer processing industry

Colour your Life!

Colour Masterbatches based on high-quality, light and weather fast colour pigments

Black is not the same as black...

Our Black-Masterbatches are based on different, premium type carbon black grades, thus covering a broad application area.

Black is not the same as black…

Black Masterbatches Our Black Masterbatches are based on different, premium type carbon black grades, thus covering a broad application area

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Slide to success!

Slip agent Masterbatches Slip agent Masterbatches improve the surface slip properties of plastic parts, act as melt flow improver, improve the dispersion of solids or increase the surface gloss

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Anti-Aging for your products…

UV-Stabilizer Masterbatches UV-Stabilizer Masterbatches increase the light stability of thermoplastics. The mechanical and optical properties of plastics are maintained for a longer time even under the influence of intense sun irradiation

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microGRANULES enable a dust-free, fast and homogenous incorporation of additives and pigments.

Especially for rotomoulding, injection and extrusion there are a lot of advantages.

Packed well, is half dispatched!

A quick access to our standard products is guaranteed by our stock management. Our flexibility not only includes short delivery times by ordering qualified and reliable forwarding agents but also the choice of different packaging materials. Please ask us! We are pleased to help you!

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We offer certified quality!

Our extensive Quality Management System guarantees the reliable fulfillment of the request of our customers.

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Always well advised!

Competent technical advise and tailor-made product solutions…

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Your wishes…Our challenge!

Our long-time experience and a suitable lab and technical equipment allow the development of accurate formulations. In close cooperation with our customers all necessary product requirements are taken into consideration and are realized within in the scope of our possibilities.

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